Getting back on track

Happy new year! Finally I’m writing again after missing out two weeks as you might have noticed. Well, the first skip was planned because it was Christmas and I wanted to spend the time with my family, whereas last week I actually had planned to start writing again. However, something held me back, and this something will be the topic of this post. My experiences with breaking my habits in the first week of the new year.

So last week was a bit stressful for me. I had to finish a presentation for my seminar, while also working on another project for university. Somehow it all was very hard for me, I felt tired throughout all the days, being unmotivated to do these assignments, which made me only work even slower. This feeling somehow spilled over to my habits as well. I didn’t write my blog post, I didn’t go swimming nor running. Even though I often had the thought that I should at least go for a quick run now and that it will make me feel better and work better on my projects, I still didn’t go. Why? I don’t know exactly. At that moment I just felt like something heavy lying in my stomach, being tied up and making itself comfortable in there, so I just kept working very inefficiently on the assignments. Looking back I’m pretty sure I would have achieved more if I would just have gone running.

This showed me that it is extremely hard to get a rock rolling. You have to push yourself and overcome this heavy feeling inside of you. Now that I’m writing this post I can feel my motivation increasing more and more. So the feeling that stopped me from going running only existed because I didn’t go running and every time I lost, it got stronger. Today I won. I won because I didn’t let myself think too much about whether I should write this post now or later, I just forced myself to do it. And I have to say it feels very good and relieving.

I hope that next time, when I or also maybe you, feel this again, we will remember this post and just don’t let that feeling win. Afterwards, we will always feel better and more motivated for upcoming work. So now that I feel motivated again I will go swimming tomorrow, without fuss or quibble.