What revolution will you lead?

This is the last question of the blog challenge and I’m very happy and proud that I made it so far. It feels good to complete it and I really enjoyed this and learned a lot about myself especially. Thanks to the “Live you Legend”-team for giving the nudge to start my own blog and also to everyone, who gave me feedback on this and kept me going on. And I won’t think about stopping my blog now and will keep this appointment in my weekly schedule.

But now for today’s question: What revolution will you lead? As I already said in my last post I want to explore more than exploiting again. Open up for new ways to live and other world views and opinions. So my revolution would be to try to get other people as well to do this and help each other by exchanging our ways of thinking. I think that, when people would try to understand different points of view more and open up to new ideas, it would lead to more acceptance and tolerance. It would reduce the fights, where just both sides end up being hurt instead of staying to the topic, trying to follow the other’s argument and first think about it, why it’s wrong or true. My hope is that less fights would lead to a more peaceful world, but now I’m aiming to high again, but that is one of my dreams and I will try to follow it maybe in just the small version.

I would be already very happy and proud, if my revolution just contains myself, because it’s hard to back away a bit from one’s own opinion and consider completely different things instead. If someone joins me then it would be even more helpful and better.

In this world where borders are being closed again and a lot of often reasonless hatred wells up in social media, I think it would be helpful to just reconsider his own opinions and try to understand why other people believe what they believe. Mostly there is no right or wrong and everyone should be aware that his own opinion isn’t the only valid one. The diversity of thoughts is a precious good of human society and luckily it seems to me to be impossible that it would be gone some day. But let’s not allow these diversities to split the society, by acknowledging and accepting other beliefs and opinions.

2 thoughts on “What revolution will you lead?”

  1. So, to recap… you want to lead a revolution to change people? Maybe you have it the wrong way around. I think a revolution can only work when the change in the people has already happened, only the system surrounding them hasn’t caught up yet.

    1. It depends on what you understand under revolution. For me revolution is a change, a turn-around of anything. So I want to revolutionize or change the people or their way of thinking. To lead a revolution that changes the system, you need to change the people first, otherwise that revolution would be pointless.

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