What difference do you want to make?

This is a hard question for me and I spontaneously don’t know any answer to it. Of course I had some thoughts, like that it would be nice to give everyone in the world enough food and water, such that nobody would have to see how to survive the next day, but then I discard it again because sadly it is impossible to do so.

So I guess, I have to aim for a much smaller difference. What are the differences I can make? Well, it’s best to start small, so I’ll start by just wanting to make a difference to myself. Finding ways to get a good and content feeling with myself. But what exactly do I want to aim for? And somehow through this blog this question got a lot clearer to me. I want to think things more through. What I mean is, thinking about a decision one more time (maybe from the other point of view) before doing it, reflecting information that I get and trying to find out if it’s really correct.

Nowadays fake news are a big deal and through the Internet it got easier to spread and receive them. Algorithms are analyzing what we like to read and hear and thus giving us more of that instead of other various ideas and opinions.  I sometimes have the feeling that these algorithms form our opinion more and more. They want to keep us on their websites, so they feed us with content, which confirms us and thus making us feel better and more confident with our own thinking.

It makes us more exploiting and less exploring, which is not always good because it just keeps ways they are, without giving it the chance to get any better. So that’s the difference I want to make for myself. I want to try to keep my mind open to new things and other ways to live or points of view. I want to find ways to do that easier, since it’s not very easy to change your own opinion.

I would be very happy if you would also share your points of view and thoughts about anything here or even just in everyday’s conversation. Because I think that the difference of our thinking is what brought us so far and it wouldn’t be good if we would loose that. Every thought is worth of elaboration.


2 thoughts on “What difference do you want to make?”

  1. I agree to everthing! And yet I’m pretty surprised to read something like this from you! Maybe it’s because when we are all together there is less time to talk about something like this? I wish we could change that and talk about what’s moving us on the inside more often! :-*

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I guess that there is always something more urgent to talk about, which is a bit sad I agree with you on that 😉 For myself I find it also easier to talk about my inside, when I write it down instead of speaking. I guess I’m just too shy. So maybe that is also some reason.

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