What’s one thing you’re proud of?

I’m proud of keeping up my new habits for almost three weeks now! Three weeks ago I decided to write this blog again and finally do the blog challenge. At the same time I also wanted to do sports 4 times a week, at least one time of them swimming, which I also managed to do. And I have to say that this feels good. I feel less tired and more confident because I see that I can do this. By receiving a lot of good feedback and encouragement by my girlfriend, family and friends it is easier to keep doing this. A big thanks to all of you for that! All of this motivates me more and more and I don’t feel like I ever want to stop.

It also helps me a lot to put appointments for the habits into my weekly plan. That way I always take the time to write and it feels harder not to do it, since I would have to move the appointment to somewhere else then. For sports I always plan 5 times so I can skip one time, if necessary or when I’m just too lazy. But since I still follow my habit that way I don’t feel broken down if I miss one of the 5 times and it’s easier to continue. The last times I tried to develop new habits the biggest problem was, that I felt like I had no time for them and thus stopped. By planning more time for it than needed, everything becomes suddenly more flexible and it feels like I have more time in the end. This little trick is also a huge help for me to keep on going.

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