What really makes you angry about this world?

Since I am usually a very calm guy, I seldom get angry at something, so I had to think about this question for quite some time. At first nothing really popped up in my head, only things which are bothering me but not creating real anger.

To find an answer I had to think back to the moments where I felt a little anger against someone or something. So I found one thing that is making me angry: Selfishness!

People who don’t watch out for others or show no respect to them can make me really angry. The most common situation I find myself in is, where I stand at the bus stop or train station and a smoker arrives, lighting a cigarette and placing himself right next to me or other nonsmokers. Of course there are also respectful smokers who take care that the smoke stays away from everybody and stay inside the smoking areas, but smoking right next to nonsmokers without asking if it’s okay is just selfish in my eyes.

The sad thing is that I have the feeling, that people in this world are getting more and more selfish and loosing their respect of each other. In my opinion being selfish hasn’t been thought through completely.

When we look at the climate change for example we can see that it is impossible to fight against it without working together. American’s president Trump’s withdraw of the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement shows how selfishness can hurt the whole society. He did it because the agreement put the United States in “a very, very big economic disadvantage“, so a selfish reason. The problem is that the negative effects which will resolve out of this decision will have an effect on every human on earth, while at first it seems to be profitable for America itself to be able to spend the saved money on something else. The problem is that if everyone wants to have these advantages, the whole system would collapse (in this case the earth) and everybody looses. So to be successful in the long run it would be better for everyone to work together without thinking about his own.

But every society can bear some amount of selfishness before collapsing. If for example all the countries of the world would save some more emissions, they could make up for all the extra emissions from America and the system could still hold while America takes his advantages from the society. (I know this is very simplified, but it roughly works this way).

One could also see it as some kind of crowd funding, if everyone gives a little then a lot can be achieved. This system could be applied in many situations in daily life, for example keeping your lane in traffic jams (although the other one seems to go faster) or to use plastic bags multiple times to save some small emissions. Every little helps.

In the end everyone has to decide on ones own about how much one can or wants to give into a society and how much one takes out of it. Although one must consider that if everyone tries to maximize his gain, nobody would get anything.

6 thoughts on “What really makes you angry about this world?”

  1. I like this post and agree with you that if everyone is just doing small things a lot can be achieved!
    I just have something to add to the example of trump. A little while after the US pulled out of the agreement I read an article that pointed out that we should actually thank Trump for being so stupid! Because he did it, a lot of Americans now actively are doing something for the nature, because they realised that the government won’t do it for them. I know this was just one article and I dont know how much truth there is in it and unfortunately I don’t have any link, but I just thought that this was an interesting view on the topic, which I wanted to share with you…

    1. Hi Andi,

      thank you for this view, I never heard of it before. I’m glad to hear that the population is now trying to absorb the governmental mistakes. It will help the climate a little bit, although I think it would be more effective when Trump would have followed the agreement, since the population can’t force companies for example to save greenhouse gases. But it’s better than nothing of course. Every little helps and I hope that not only people in the US but everywhere around the world – especially in the industrial nations – are getting more sensitive about climate change and do their little part or even more.

  2. Ich stimme deinem Beitrag auch nur zu. Mich macht es vollkommen wütend, wenn Menschen nur sich selber und ihren eigenen Vorteil sehen. Ich könnte jedesmal ausflippen, wenn sich ein Raucher einfach mal seine Zigarette anzündet, weil ihm danach ist. Und früher habe ich gemeine Beschimpfungen geerntet, wenn ich den Raucher darauf aufmerksam gemacht habe, dass er sich in einer Raucherfreie Zone befindet. Darum mache ich es heute nicht mehr.
    Ich glaube, dass dieses respektlose und eigennützige Verhalten bei vielen über die Erziehung (oder eben nicht Erziehung wegen mangelnder Zeit und Stress der Eltern) herrühren könnte. Die haben eine Art Empathie in der Kindheit nicht gelernt. Heut zu Tage gibt es immer mehr Einzelkinder – Familien. Und bei uns in Deutschland fehlt es in den Kindergärten und Schulen oft an Fachpersonal, die dieses Defizit auffangen können. In Schweden, Norwegen und Finnland z. B. sind erheblich mehr Sozialarbeiter und Psychologen in den Schulen. Wie wir dieses Problem im Kleinen lösen können, ist mir ein Rätsel.

    1. Hi Nette,

      vielen Dank für die Anregungen. Ich stimme Dir im Großen und Ganzen zu und denke ebenfalls, dass in der Erziehung der Grundstein gelegt wird und es die prägenste Zeit eines Menschen ist. Hier müsste das Kind Respekt und Ähnliches vermittelt bekommen. Es wäre interessant zu wissen, ob die Maßnahmen in den Ländern auch den Umgang miteinander beeinflussen. Denkbar wäre das auf jeden Fall.
      Ich sehe ebenfalls nicht, wie dies im Allgemeinen im Kleinen gelöst werden kann. Das Einzige was jeder machen könnte, ist dafür zu sorgen, dass die eigenen Kinder diese Empathie kennen lernen und ebenfalls weitergeben. Ich denke, dies könnte die einzelnen, durch Egoismus entstehenden Probleme, im Kleinen abschwächen oder sogar lösen.

  3. I also like this post (as I do like all the others too). I’m having big trouble being calm about the many people who are selfish in traffic: the ones that want to let someone in or out the car in the middle of a busy road, when there is the possibility to stop at a parking spot or else; the ones that just want to get over the crossing even if there is traffic jam and they are blocking the way for everyone else; the ones that are using their mobiles during the drive and being a danger for everyone else; I could go one for hours! :/
    (Please excuse my bad english 😉 )

    1. Hi Cee,

      that’s right, these people are bothering everyone. This reminds me actually of my time in Indonesia, where you could see how the system can collapse, if everyone tries to seek for the smallest chance of getting forward. The result is a very big traffic jam nearly all over the city and you can only move slowly.
      The problem is that we usually just see the unusual things, in this case bad behavior in traffic. What we don’t see is, that due to the many people still following the rules, the system keeps running well. I don’t know, but maybe this helps to be more calm about everything.

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