Trying to develop new habits

Hi everyone,

it has been a very long time since I announced my will to do the blog challenge and nothing followed.

That has multiple reasons. I guess the main reason was that I had to write a paper for my university and got stressed a lot because I started too late with it (lesson learned – I hope). After that I had a wonderful vacation in Indonesia and met my lovely girlfriend for the first time, which was amazing! (I will tell you more about the vacation maybe in future posts…) So in the following months after I came back to Germany, I didn’t really think about this blog anymore and somehow let it out of my sight.

After I finished my exams for the semesters I had a lot of free time and found myself pretty unmotivated for doing anything, wasting time by looking at my phone and switching between the same 4 apps over and over again. This made me fed up and weary, which was leading to even less motivation. I felt like moving in a spiral downwards. Every evening I went to sleep with the thoughts of getting up early on the next day and going running or so, but in the end I found my phone being more interesting.

In the end this showed me two things:

  1. ┬áIf you break with a habit, which you want to establish new to your life, it’s really really hard to get it back on track.
  2. If you break with one habit, you get unhappy with yourself and start to break the others as well.

Luckily for me I got my motivation back through my girlfriend. She started to do workout every day and go swimming weekly and suggested that I should do the same – big thanks to her! It’s much more effective when such a nudge (or big push in this case) comes from someone other than you. Because the other person will keep asking you (more often than you would ask yourself) if you already went swimming or whatever habit you want to establish. Also it’s a lot harder to deny these questions because you don’t want the other one to be disappointed and thus have to come up with an apology. Picturing that situation in my mind, I think it’s a lot easier to just go swimming than trying to squirm myself out of that question. So probably she saved me a lot of bad and unhappy weeks or maybe even months by making me actually do the things, which I always want myself to do.

With the goal of going swimming once a week, I started slowly again. Being able to do that I got more and more motivated and added other habits one by one. Going running, doing some workout every day – even when it’s only some push-ups, the main part is that I did something at least – and now back to write this blog once again.

My plan is to write one post every Tuesday evening. I made the experience that I follow a schedule more than when I just have the goal without a specific time to do it. Before that I wanna reflect my week and write down some notes about what I’m proud of, the things I accomplished the week before and the things which I regret having done.

I see this as a little experiment to make me pleased with myself and I’m looking forward to realize this idea. Hopefully I will be able to finally begin and finish the blog challenge. I would be thankful for every reminder and uncomfortable question when I try to break with this new habit. But hopefully that will never happen!

I’m so thankful that I could write all of this to you, it is relieving some bad feelings in me and making me even more motivated and comfortable with myself.

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